In addition of having its TV stations Santiago has companies that bring entertainment onto cable for those ones who like to watch something additional than local TV programming. Those cable companies offer a diversity of channels, which are from international countries like as United States, Mexico, South America and Europe.


CIBAO TV CLUB One of the first cable TV company to begin in Santiago. Its concept of send TV signals through a special antenna increased a large numbers of people who began to build their own antennas and receive the Teleclub for free. At first, it only consisted on 6 channels, then the numbers of channels was reduced by 5 which lasted until the middle of the 90's. Though there were costumers who continued paying a fee to the company, it was difficult to itself to gain more money because there was a large number of people on the city that were receiving the same service for free. The Teleclub reached the whole city by antenna.  There were many projects planned by Cibao TV Club such as the addition of more channels, but it was cancelled. Today, it operates on one single channel with the name of CTV on channel 53 and it covers to the Cibao region area. People are still using the special antenna to watch UHF channels. 
Telecable Santiago Unlike the teleclub, this company offers cable television using wiring cable. It brings more channels, but its services what limited for some residential area.
Cable TV Dominicana Cable TV Company which offers services only on selected residential area.
Aster This company broke the mythology of the Teleclub and those selected residential areas cable companies by offering the service through the whole province with a larger number of channels and packages to satisfy the customers. About 70% of the people on Santiago city are subscribed with Aster. Aster is a new cable TV company that was assembled by some cable TV companies located on the Dominican Republic and the telephone company named CODETEL(VERIZON).
Cablenet This is another cable company which offers a variety of TV programming from the United States, South America, Mexico, Cuba, and Europe. It covers certain residential zones on the city.
Star Cable Cable TV Provider with 100 channels and a low price. It covers some areas of the city now, but is began to cover more area every day since the time of its opening.

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