Santiago delivers good services on the telecommunication field and it transforming as the technology grows to a better future. This page delivers an informative view of  each telecommunication area available on Santiago.

Media Communications In Santiago

The evolution of the media in Santiago has began to growing fast during the recent years. The newspaper was introduced during the end of the 19TH century. The radio was during the beginning of the 1930s. The television, though it was introduced on the year 1969 with the first broadcast in color of the Dominican Republic and the first from Santiago, it was on the year 1986 when the Television began to evolve the lives of the Santiago's people.

Today, Santiago has over 40 AM radio stations, about 20 FM stations, several TV Stations, 1 newspaper and 4 cable companies. Santiago also has the great service of the national telephone company now with the name of VERIZON (Formely Codetel) with a large numbers of houses with phone services, as well many Telecommunications centers throughout the city and the whole province.

The city has one post office main center as well many sub centers to help people to communicate with their loved ones by mail. This office is directly connected to the national post office of the Dominican Republic. Telegrams services still working and can be found at the post office.

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