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Weather Conditions on Santiago

Santiago's weather is tropical, and consistently sunny and warm throughout the year. According to the National Statistics Office (1985), the average annual rainfall is 1,060 mm., with 111.6 days of rain/ year. The driest months are January, February, and July with an average of 52 mm. of rain. The wettest month is May with 178 mm. and October and November, with 103 mm. of rain. Rain showers usually come and go with heavy downpours; wholly overcast days are relatively rare. The hottest months are found in the summer, culminating in August, with average temperatures of 34 degrees Celsius . The fall and winter are cooler with an average temperature of of 25.8 degrees Celsius in December and January (low average temperature of 23.6 degrees Celsius, high average temperature of 28.1 degrees).

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