The Valley of Santiago has a great varied kind of grounds, the recent alluvial grounds are the most important because its productivities. These are the grounds located next across the rivers and in the main part at the confluence of them, such as Guayubin and Valverde Rivers. Another grounds that are important are the ones located from Villa Bisono area to Laguna Salada zone, those grounds are mainly used for the Rice plantations.

This valley, with a triangular form beginning in the Santiago Province, forms a long salty delta bordered by a extended coastal bog at its mouth of it and a beach deposit that protects  these grounds from the sea invasion, located from Pepillo Salcedo to Monte Christi.

The orientation east-west of the Valley of Santiago it gives many sun hours, on a way that its occidental half, from Laguna Salada to Monte Christi shows a dry vegetation, mainly Spines and Cactus; the rains are lower and the air is dry.

At the Valley of Santiago is located many small mountains, such as Sabana Larga, Talanquera, Escalante and Jacuba  where many battles of the Dominican Independency were held on the past centuries. In this valley is produced tobacco, plantains, rice, tomatoes and bananas. In these zone there are a extensive farms of milk and meat.

Source : Archivo Historico de Santiago.


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