Radio in Santiago


The people who listen Santiago Radio Stations
Unlike the Television, the radio in Santiago has become a part of the people's lives. Many personalities has surged from the radio of the city. The old citizen and adult people prefer to listen AM stations while the Young people enjoys the FM stations.

AM radio stations offers new, commentaries, religious programming, classical and typical music. One of the most memorable station is Radio Accion with its news block. FM stations offers music with some quick news, commentaries and humor. Some stations are one genre music format station. For example, while Turbo 98.3FM broadcasts tropical music, Super 103 FM plays adult contemporary music.

Popular Radio Shows
The radio stations of Santiago offer many popular programs such as EL TAPON DE LA CINCO, EL GUFEO, PANORAMA INFORMATIVO, EL DUELO, EL SOL SALE PARA TODOS, EN LA MAŅANA, EN LA TARDE and others.

National Programming

Some national programs originated from the Capital city of Santo Domingo are rebroadcast on several local station of the city. Programs include national news, variety, and talk shows.

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