Radio in Santiago

The radio was introduced on Santiago in 1928 when a group of young men, Pedrito Escobosa, Pupo Cordero, Andrés󭥤a P鲥z, Mario Vallejo and Luis Alberti, built the Santiago's very first Radio Station. At first, the programming was consisted about a little orchestra whose entertained the silent movies of the Colon Theater; however since the theater was their place for broadcast, it caused a big interference to the station. Then,the radio station's owners decided to moved to a new place,Penzo Building (it was located on España street, between Restauration and Beler street). On August 25 of 1928,it was opened the radio station under the name of CRS. The first broadcaster who spoke was Armando Lora,a reporter and poet man, and the orchestration was led by Chorito Vega, Luis Rivera, Luis Alberti, Max(Machilo) Guzman, Ramon Echevarria Lạla, José art�z and Aritides Fulgencio. The radio only lasted for a few years. It disappeared because there was not enough radio receptors on the area during that time. Later on 1931, Don Arturo Aybar built one radio station more powerful with the name of HIZ. It only aired one night per week with a programming based of the artistic lifestyle of Santiago City. Unfortunately, the station had problems at the beginning of Trujillo's regime forcing its owner to put it off the air. On 1932, a young man named Rafael Western obtained a permission to operated a radio station. Then, the first commercial radio station was installed (for broadcast music and ads) which had the initials HIG at first and then became in HILA: La Voz del Yaque. After that, the HI5N was also born. It was owned by Marcial Smester and Mr.Peralta. The HILS:La Voz de la Hispaniola, another radio station who was owned by Mr Sarnelli at first and donated to Luis Albeti by Trujillo in San Cristobal city. Don Moisés Franco and Franco opened his HI3Q, La Voz del Comercio, on December of 1935. The station had its own orchestra and singers, and was the station pioneer on radio newspaper format with its own reporters. Then, on January 21th of 1936, Don Morito Sánchez opened another radio station, HI9B. It was the broadcasting of the Mercedes Hotel which was located at the roof garden where it was the cuspid of the national Radio broadcasting with Luis Alberi and his orchestra. Today the station is named Radio Hispaniola. On June 23,1934 was born the first FM radio station of the city of Santiago: HICK FM, Onda del Yaque owned by Roque Calendario. A year later, on November,1965 appeared Radiolandia, the first Stereophonic FM radio station of the city owned by Leo Pappaterra. On 1968 appeared Color Vision, TV station in color and AM-FM radio station. Then, the radio broadcasting has began to grow until the present. Today, Santiago has a total of  more than 60 broadcast radio stations; with few AM radio stations and many FM radio stations.
Work consulted: Archivo Historico de Santiago

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