There are six main markets shopping center in Santiago. It is owned by the city's hall mayor. Each one has an administrator, a personnel formed by a secretary, many inspectors and laborers. Below are the list, details and the address of each one of them.

MERCADO HOSPEDAJE YAQUE Is located at the block that covers "la calle 16 de Agosto", Avenida Valerio, and Calle Capotillo. Built on 1953 in the actual place. It's the main place for sales and commerce of the city and the Cibao Region. The 90% of the agriculture products (Produce and Meat) are sold there. Supermarkets and food depot are located around this market. There are also vendors who sell their merchandises inside and outside the place. The majority of the produce merchants sold here are distributed to the main supermarket and groceries stores within the city of Santiago.
MERCADO MODELO Calle del Sol esquina Calle España Located at the downtown area of the city. It was built on 1946 as a market that were selling agriculture products at first, but it was changed onto a formal market that have stores of artesian and jewelries targeted to the tourism, shoe stores, groceries stores, restaurants, clothing shops and miscellaneous stores. It has the stores around at a small fountain of water, the only located indoor in the city. 
MERCADO CENTRAL Avenida J. Armando Bermudez esquina calle 17, Pueblo Nuevo Located at the sector of Pueblo Nuevo, was built  in 1968 with the purpose of decentralize the Hospedaje Yaque, but it didn't happen due the tradition created by the mentioned market. However this market offers the same services that the Hospedaje Yaque and the place where is organized the Flea market of the town.
MERCADO NUEVO (LA PLACITA) Avenida Estrella Sadhala esquina Carretera Jacagua. It was established on 1979 by spontaneous way, but as a result of traditional patrons of selling fruits, vegetables, meats and others.
MERCADO DE PEKIN Located at the sector of Pekín, in the south area of Santiago city. Built on 1990, on the sector of the same name to provide the same service of selling merchandises such as vegetables, meats and others to that area of the town.

 There are another markets located on different sectors of Santiago that are named MERCADO DE PRODUCTORES, which are not owned by the city's mayor. They are administered by the Dominican Secretary of Agriculture, whom created it for sales of products from the produce on a cheaper price. It opened for a few days only. One of the most visited market of this kind is located at the Avenida Circunvalacion in front of the sector of Nibaje.

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