The city of Santiago offers many libraries for those persons who wants to read and make school /colleges/general projects.

Biblioteca del Ateneo Amantes de La Luz
Biblioteca de la Alianza Cibaeña
Biblioteca J. Armando Bermudez de la PUCMM
Biblioteca del Centro Cultural Dominico-Americano
Biblioteca de la Universidad Technologica de Santiago (UTESA)
Biblioteca de la Alianza Francesa
Biblioteca del Centro Leon
Archivo Historico de Santiago

List subject to change without advice. Places have their own policies.  Most of those libraries are public though there are some of them operated private.

Many high schools and educational centers around the city have its own libraries. However some of them are very limited and not accessible for the public.


Every year is celebrated the Book Fair, where many publishers sells their books to the public a at bargain price. This event is celebrated on two places, at the gardens of the Monument of Santiago or at the parking lot of the city hall building. This event is announced by the media and is celebrated during the summer or the fall. The event is organized by the Dominican Department of Culture.

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