"As a person proud of his birth city, I dedicated this page to show 
to the whole world a piece of my native born city, SANTIAGO de los Caballeros.
A Mediterranean city that is evolving as the time passes into a
progressive and metropolitan city. If there any place in the world I would
like to be is in Santiago because

Welcome to one of the most complete website about Santiago ever done. I mean the most complete site, because there are some websites on the internet that only show fancy pictures of the city and few information. Well, in this website there will be as much information possible because Santiago itself has many interesting data unknown by many people who want to learn a piece of it. First of all, Santiago is located on the north central region of the Dominican Republic. Second, it is the second major city of the country after the capital city of Santo Domingo. Third, Santiago had been evolved on many important events of the Dominican Republic's history. And, the province has lot of things unique and interesting.

The site has several links of many subjects regarding Santiago as a province and as a town. Though it will be focused on the main city of Santiago, there will be many information regarding the province and the rest of the towns on it.

This website is still developing its contents regularly, since one person is working for this site (I am), it'll take time to update the site with new and fresh information. Please be patient...

The contents of this website are property of the webmaster with the exception of many pictures and/or information posted, for the last event it will be included the source name of them as a reference and to avoid any problem.

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Finally, I would like to say thank you to visit my website of Santiago. Hope that it became informative for all of you.

Sincerely yours,

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