The Industry in Santiago

The province of Santiago has the second larger industrial park in the Dominican Republic, by the number and the many enterprises is about. Santiago City specifically, is where is located the major industries, also there are some industries located in Tamboril, Licey al Medio, Villa González  and Villa Bisonó.

The industrial park of the town of Santiago is detailed by its powerful enterprises of beverages, tobacco, construction materials, footwear, and foods. Many of these larger industries have the traditions of being established for more than 50 years, for that reason its products is well accepted by the Dominican consumers.

Chart about the growing industries by several years in Santiago

Year Total Industries Registered
1965 180
1972 184
1995 1.132
1998 1,717

At least 21 kind of economic activities were assembling the industrial area in Santiago by the end of the XX century. In the front of those were still the traditional area of production, such as the making of the food products, beverages, clothing, and the making of furniture. The elaboration of Tobacco products is one of the type of production that has reached  the major advance in the last few years. Also, it began the industries of metallic products, non metallic mineral product, etc.


The Industrialists from Santiago and the entire Cibao region has converted this event as a tradition. Expo-Cibao is a commercial and industrial fair that is celebrated every year during the month of October. It has more than a decade celebrating and is usually for a week.


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