Historic Events

Historic Events Of Santiago City

1495 A fortress with the name of Santiago was erected near to the North Yaque river close to where the city of Santiago is now located.
1504 The city of Santiago was moved to the north by the Commander Nicolas de Ovando to a place known as Jacagua. On Jacagua was occupied by the gentlemen survivors from the abandoned city of La Isabela (America's first city), from that moment the city began to be called The Village of Santiago Of The Gentlemen or Horsemen.
1508 The city received the shield of the arms of the Santiago Village from the Spain's King Fernando The The Catholic.
1562 An earthquake destroyed totally the city of Santiago. Then, the city was rebuilt near to the North Yaque river again where is located today.
1563 The Main Street "EL SOL" was began to be built with the rebuild of the town near of the Yaque River.
1660 Santiago is attacked and burned by the pirate Fern and de la Fleur.
1690 The city fought victoriously against the French on the battle of "La Limonada", located on the occidental part of the Hispaniola island.
1775 An Earthquake attacked the city of Santiago
1783 Santiago city is attacked by another earthquake.
1805 Haitians troops has invaded and destroyed the city of Santiago.
1822 Santiago City is occupied by Haitians troops, progress was stopped for 22 years.
1837 It was founded the First Pharmacy, "Farmacia Normal".
1842  A big earthquake attacked on Santiago City, large numbers of people died.
1844 Santiago was the place of the famous battle of March the 30TH in which the Dominicans troop with numerical and weapons disadvantages defeated the North Haitians army commanded by General Pierrot. This event official zed the declaration of the Dominican Independency, that was declared on February the 27TH of the same year.
1851 It appared the first Newspaper of Santiago with the name of "El Correo del Cibao". It was published weekly and somehow monthly. It was created using a typographer.
1857 A political movement led by Valverde, Rojas, Espaillar, Bono,etc, in which Santiago city is declared the capital of the Dominican Republic from an revolutionary action of high principles.
1860 It was opened the first Hardware Store. "EL GALLO"
1861 The City was nearly destroyed by a Hurricane.
1863 September the 6th, Santiago was totally destroyed while fighting against the Spain troops held on the Saint Louis' fortress.
1863 September the 14th, after being totally burned and destroyed until taking off the Spanish men from the city, Santiago was declared restored capital of the restoration war of the independency.
1863 It was confectioned the first topographic map of the town of Santiago.
1864 It was founded the first school after the fire happened last year.
1866 It was installed the first Editorial with the first Printer imported and installed by Ulises Francisco Espaillat.
1870 It was funded the BAZAR PARISIEN, one of the most famous commercial store of the town and the country.
1873 It was confectioned a second map of the town by Archille Esteban Michel
1879 The first car arrived to the town of Santiago..
1882 Jose Manuel Glas helped to built what is today The Model Market Center (Mercado Modelo)
1884 It was founded the "ALIANZA CIBAENA"
1890 It was built the Saint Louis Fortress.
1891 Appeared the first daily newspaper of the region. "EL DIA".
1894 It was created the Fire Department of Santiago.
1897 August the 16th, the Central Dominican railroad terminal Santiago-Puerto Plata was opened. This terminal connected Santiago City with its natural port of Puerto Plata.
1905 The Band of Music of the town was founded.
1915 Grand opening of the Water and electricity companies.
1916 Start the publication of the Newspaper "LA INFORMACION".
1954 The Famous Matum Hotel was built.
1946 The city was affected by an earthquake.
1962 It was built the "Hermanos Patiños" Bridge that helped  to cross the North Yaque river to the south area of Santiago.
1966 It was built the Cibao International Airport at its original location near to the town.
1969 First TV Station Broadcast in Color on the Dominican Republic with the birth of Color Vision under channel 3 from the Matum Hotel in Santiago.
1971 EL SOL, another newspaper began its circulation.
1979 The City was affected by the David's Hurricane.
1983 CIBAO TV CLUB began its broadcast of foreign channels thru a special antennas to its clients.
  • It was celebrated the XV Central American and Caribbean Games in which the city was the host.
  • Cibao Channel 7 began its broadcast.
1995 It was celebrated the 500TH years of the Santiago City.
2002 It was reopened The Cibao International Airport with international flights from New York, Newark, Miami, and Puerto Rico. Later on the same year, The City received the visit of New York's major Michael Bloomberg.
2003 An earthquake of 6.2 Richter scale affected both Santiago and Puerto Plata city. There was not humans victims of this tragedy, but there were properties damages. This earthquake continued as a many small and similar movement sequels that scared many habitants of Santiago and affected zones.
2005 The Colinas Mall is opened for the public. It is the second larger mall built on the town (after the International plaza) and one of the most larger of the north region.
  • The Metropolitan Hospital - HOMS is opened, and become the most modern hospital of the Caribbean.
  • The Monument was remodeled and beautified as a part of a project for the rescue of the monumental area.
  • The South Area of the city near to the Yaque de Norte River were nearly destroyed to the Olga Torment. In fact the Presa Tavera was opened to avoid the high amount of water could break it. The Volumen of the river went up that several communities and places such as CORAASAN (the town's water supplier) were damaged. many people claimed it was the opening of the Presa Tavera that caused several damages and death on the south area of the city of Santiago. It happened during the first week on December after few week of another hurricane named NOEL affected the south and east region of the Dominican Republic.
2008 Santiago became the host city of the Caribbean Series Baseball Championship. The event was celebrated at the Cibao Stadium.

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