The traveler may drive from Santiago to any of its towns and to the rest of the country. There are good major highways and road available that passes across the city and the province itself. Below are the list of the main highways and roads that connect the city to the rest of the country.

Autopista Duarte Major highway of the Dominican Republic that connects Santiago to the south heading to the capital city of Santo Domingo City. It also commutes the city to others towns such La Vega, Bonao, Villa Altagracia, and other small town and villages located on the central and south of the country. Also known as RD Route 1. Is a 4 lanes highway.  
Autopista Presidente Joaquin Balaguer (Previuously Autopista Santiago-Navarrete): Its the continuation of the Autopista Duarte but heading to the north region until Monte Cristy City. It connects Santiago with its local towns such as the Village of Villa Gonzalez and the Municipal City of Villa Bisono(Also known as Navarrete). Is a 4 lanes highway through Villa Bisono where it become a Two lanes road until Monte Cristy City.  
Carretera Santiago-Puerto Plata The road is taken from the Autopista Joaquin Balaguer before arriving to the town of Villa Bisono. It connects the town with Puerto Plata City, a beautiful city with exotic beaches and touristy environment. One unique feature of this road is that there is a tunnel that crosses the boundaries of both Santiago and Puerto Plata provinces. Two lanes road.  
Carretera Luperon This was the old road that travelers used to go to Puerto Plata from Santiago. This road passes across the mountains. The drivers can get faster on both directions but there are too many curves making the road dangerous. Today, it is designated as a touristy road with access for cars only not trucks or heavy vehicles. The road is also known as La Cumbre. Two Lanes road.  


Carretera Duarte: Santiago - Licey al Medio Old main road that connects Santiago to the south of the country. It also connects the city with Licey al Medio city and Moca City. Also known as Carretera Santiago-Licey. Two lanes road.
Carretera Santiago-Tamboril Connects Santiago to the town of Tamboril.
Carretera Santiago-Janico Connects Janico City with Santiago
Carretera Santiago-San Jose de Las Matas Connects Santiago with San Jose de las Matas
Carretera Baitoa Connection between Santiago City with Baitoa, Sabana Iglesia and the Presa de Tavera.
Carretera Jacagua This road comunicates the City with the Ruins of Old Santiago located in the community of Jacagua.

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There are more roads located within the town and around the province. Those are also named Neighborhood roads, a non pavement road that are located specially at the rural area.


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