Santiago is located in the central Cibao or North Region in the Dominican Republic. It is about 155 kilometers in the northwest distance from the Capital city the Dominican Republic of Santo Domingo. Its geographic coordinates are 19 degrees, 28'28" north latitude and 70 degrees, 41'15" west longitude. The highs medium over the sea level is 178 meters. 



The Province of Santiago has the following limits:


About 70 % of the province's territory is located on mountain zone. It has two main "Cordilleras" , the Central on the south and the Septentrional on the north. On the Central cordillera are located some of the important mountains of the country.

On Septentrional cordillera is located the Diego O' Campo Mountain, the highest mountain of the whole cordillera.

Diego O' Campo Mountain (1,229 meters high)


The province of Santiago has some rivers came near to the city.

Yaque del Norte (North Yaque) River.

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