History of the City Of Santiago

The First Santiago Of America


On 1495, Santiago city was founded by a group of horsemen came from Spain during the America's discovery on a location near to the North Yaque River, where the city is located today. At first, there was a fortress occupied by the remained men of the abandoned Isabella's City located at the north. Then, the fortress was moved to a place named by the Indians as "Jacagua" where was built Santiago as a town. The city was running from 1506 until 1562 when an earthquake destroyed completely the whole town. The survivors declined to rebuild the town again and decided to leave the area abandoned. Then, the city was rebuilt close to the North Yaque River, where it had remained until today. Since that time the town of Santiago located on Jacagua, now on ruins, was forgotten. Only few was left on the destroyed city, such as a part of a church and rests of an aquatic park. Many explorers have the theory that the rests of lost city are hidden under the ground. The place is being visited by tourists and explorers who came to see if they can find something of the once to be city of Santiago. The place is now called Old Santiago because the new Santiago is the one located near to the North Yaque river.

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