Santiago has a large numbers of schools, private and public, which gives education for children and young people. The school are divided by Grammar or elementary schools which offer courses from First Grade until Eighth grade. Some private schools also offer early childhood courses of Maternal, Kindergarten and preprimary for youngest children. The high schools have courses from seventh grade until grade 12(also known as 4 of bachelor grade). Some high schools offers vocational courses to prepare the students for their careers.

The characteristics of the schools in Santiago are that its students wear uniforms (depending of the school), and the class schedules are divided by different shifts ( Morning, Afternoon and Evening (for adult and students who work during the day)).

The grammar and high school (public and private) are nationally approved by the Education Secretary Department of the Dominican Republic.

The students are prepared on Mathematics, Social Studies (Geography, History both Dominican and universal), Science (Zoology, Anatomy, Botany, Chemistry, and Physics), Physical education and Language (Grammar, reading and Literature). Some schools offers other courses such as Religion, Foreign language and others depending of the school. On some high school the students are prepared by many vocational courses such as Electronic, Shorthand, Computers, Electricity, Tailoring, accounting, nursering and others. Those vocational courses are helpful for students who want to continue studying on the college or to be prepared for the job market.

There are about 258 schools on the City, which 202 are public schools and 56 are private schools.


Note : This is a brief list of some of the educational institutions located on Santiago. However there are others that are not listed below.

Escuela Anacaona Almonte Grammar School Public
Escuela  Venezuela Grammar School Public
Escuela Club Noel Grammar School Public
Escuela Peņa y Reinoso Grammar School Public
Escuela Melida Girald Grammar School Public
Colegio Quisqueya Grammar & High School Private
Colegio Duarte Grammar & High School Private
Colegio Sol Petra Grammar & High School Private
Santiago Christian School Grammar School in English Lang. Private
Politecnico Mexico (La Reforma) Academic and Vocational          High School Public
Liceo Ulises Francisco Espaillat (UFE) Academic  and Vocational         High School Public
Colegio Evangelico Grammar & High School Private
Colegio de La Salle Grammar & High School Private
Politecnico Femenino Nuestra Seņora de las Mercedes Grammar & High School for females only. Public / Private
Instituto Industrial de Santiago (IPISA) Vocational High School Public / Private
Instituto de Formacion Tecnica (INFOTEC) Vocational  Training School Public
Colegio San Francisco de Asis Grammar & High School Private

NOTE: List of schools subject to change without advice.

FACTS about the schools in Santiago

Classes schedules are divided onto two times periods : 

Preschool Schools are usually open during the morning hours only and the class periods close at 11:00 or 11:30 AM. Some schools (specially the vocational schools) have a long extended time period that may begin early (such as 7:00 or 7:30 AM) and finish late at the afternoon (at 1:00 or 2:00 PM). Both time periods (Morning and Afternoon) offer the same class schedule. The student who attends classes during the morning, does not assist the school in the afternoon and same with the one who attends the class on the afternoon. On other word, morning students have the entire class period (4 or 5 periods) in the morning, and the afternoon students have it throughout the afternoon. For example, the same class of Math given in the morning will be the same on the afternoon, just with another students.



For those students who graduate high school and want to prepare for a career there are many universities located on Santiago. Two of the most important universities of the Dominican Republic were founded on Santiago and it has different campuses on different towns of the country. Also, Santiago has campuses of other universities of other cities.

The universities offer both colleges and high education programs for students.


Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM). Funded on Santiago
Universidad Technologica de Santiago (UTESA). Funded on Santiago.
Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo (UASD). Also named Centro Universitario Regional de Santiago CURSA.
Universidad Organizacion y Metodo (O & M)
Universidad Nacional Evangelica (UNEV)
Universidad Accion Pro Educacion y Cultura (UNAPEC)
Universidad Abierta para Adultos (UAPA)

There are some private and public institutions that offers courses that are independent. They offers computers, foreign languages and others minor skills courses. Below there are a brief list of some of them.

School Name Course (s) Offered
CECOMSA Computing
Academia De Danza Isadora Dancing
ENI (Escuela Nacional de Informatica) Computing
Centro Dominico Americano English Language
Alianza Francesa French Language and Culture
Escuela de Bellas Artes Arts
Instituto Superior De Agricultura (ISA) Agriculture
John F. Kennedy Institute English Language

NOTE: List subject to change without notice.

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