Santiago has few bridges that crosses the North Yaque river:

Bridge Name Description Picture
Yaque Built at the beginning of the 1900 decade by the US Guards that were occupying the country. It was used as a walk in for people who were crossing the river. On 2002, the bridge was removed and replaced by a small bridge used for people to walk crossing the river.  
Hermanos Patiños One of the most modern and larger bridge of the town. Built during the 50's. It's the only bridge with Arco design on the region. Used for both cars and people to cross the river. It connects the downtown area of Santiago with the sector of Bella Vista and main roads to San Jose de Las Matas and Janico cities. Four lanes avenue.  
Manuel De Jesús Peña y Reynoso Built during the 90's. It connects the town with the community of La Otra Banda. Cars and people use to cross the river. 2 lanes narrow road.  
Ercillia Pepin Built during the 90's as part of the project of the construction of the new Yapur Dumit  Avenue. It the larger bridge of the town and has connection with the road that connects the city with Janico city.  

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Santiago/Puerto Plata Tunnel. Santiago has one tunnel which connects it with Puerto Plata. The Bridge is built under the mountains and is the only one of that kind in the Dominican Republic. It located at the Navarrete/Puerto Plata Road.  
Avenue Estrella Sadhala

Monumental Area

This is a interchange located at the Entrance of the city (From the South and Santo Domingo) that was built between 1995-1997. Located at the corner of the avenues of Estrella Sadhala and Monumental (Autopista Duarte). It Consist on two bridges (one serves the Monumental Avenue as express way and the second serves both avenues locally with traffic intersections) and a small tunnel which serves the Estrella Sadhala avenue as the express way. This interchange is populally called as "El Elevado".   

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