The agriculture production in Santiago is varied. It influenced by many factors such as the latitude and the irrigation. On the towns located on the Central range (Cordillera Central) there are coffee sowing, where Janico and San Jose De Las Matas are the main national center of this cultivation. On the latitude of the Septentrional Range (Cordillera Septentrional), specialy on the townships of Tamboril and the city of Santiago, the production is diversify. It is planted tobacco, coffee, cocoa, minor fruits such as bananas, corn, yucca, and others. On the south part of both Santiago and Tamboril there are cultivations of tobacco,  and minors fruits such as yucca and sweet potato. The town of Licey al medio is producer of minor fruits such as yucca, sweet potato and plantains. The other towns located on the occidental area of Santiago province are benefited by the advanced irrigation. In Villa Gonzalez, is a large provider of Tobacco plantations. Villa Bisono (Navarrete) is a agricultural garden, where is found the cultivation of many minor fruits such as cocoa, corn, yucca, sweet potato, and plantains. Also, it is cultivated tobacco and rice on the same town.

Agriculture Cultivations Table by town on the Province of Santiago

Town Agriculture Production
Santiago Tobacco, Coffee, Cocoa, Banana, Corn, Yucca, sweet potato.
San Jose de Las Matas Coffee, Avocado, Zapote
Tamboril Tobacco, Coffee, Cocoa, Banana, Corn, Yucca, sweet potato.
Licey al Medio Plantains, yucca, sweet potato.
Janico Coffee, Avocado, Zapote
Villa Gonzalez Tobacco
Villa Bisono Tobacco, cocoa, corn, Plantain, Yucca, sweet potato, rice


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