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The Television in Santiago Part 1



Santiago has many television stations. All of them on the UHF band frequency. Many of them can be seen under a cable provider service. Below is the list of all the TV Stations that has been funded on the town.



The first TV station on Santiago, first TV broadcast in color on the Dominican Republic and the 4TH  Color TV Broadcast on the world. Its studios were located at the Matum Hotel on the place where La Nuit Discoteque is today located. Broadcast from 1969 to 1970. The channel was broadcast under Channel 03. The TV Station was moved to the capital city of Santo Domingo where it began its transmissions there until the present. COLOR VISION has a small studio on downtown Santiago for news coverage and advertisements. The owner of this station opened a new channel on the town with the name of Canal 25 on the late 90s. 


TV broadcast of the XV Central American and Caribbean Games that was celebrated on Santiago during the month of June of 1986. The broadcasting ceased after the games' closure. It was broadcast under channel 05.


The station began its broadcast on June 1986 sharing programming from its sister channel RAHINTEL. It was originally planned to be called RAHINTEL CIBAO, but the public began to call it as 7 Cibao, name that remained afterward. With this channel, the TV productions on the town began to grow. Several personalities from the Radio and the written press joined and produced several shows on this channel. On 1988, 7 Cibao became independent from sharing programming with RAHINTEL, it has its own programming. Unfortunately, there were financial problems that caused the cancellation of almost the whole programming of the station which resulted of the abandonment of many of the personalities to other channels, in special the new UHF TV stations that began its broadcasting at the beginning of the 90's.  Another problem that this station faced was the pressure of another TV station named TELECENTRO whom was claiming the frequency of the channel 07 for its rebroadcast of channel 13 from Santo Domingo. Legal problems happened between those two channels disputing for the frequency that originated a new telecommunication law that stated that all national channel must broadcast under the same channel number on the entire country. This law favors TELECENTRO to broadcast nationally and forced the other networks to eliminate their rebroadcast adjacent channels. It was the beginning of the end for 7 Cibao because with the new law, RAHINTEL was forced to broadcast by the channel 7 leaving the local 7 Cibao out. However, the channel survived the new channel lineup that began on 1996, by sharing programming with the also almost defunct Channel RAHINTEL. 7 Cibao continued on the air by a limited programming until 1999 when a brand new TV Network named ANTENNA LATINA began its broadcast replacing RAHINTEL and leaving 7 Cibao out of the picture ending a broadcast of 12 years old. Several personnel and equipments of the now defunct channel were used to create a new channel whose first name was Super Cibao TV  at first but later was renamed as Channel 55 on the UHF.


News Channel .News reports every hour. It may or not be off the air since the year 2003. This channel was seen on cable under channel 20 (Aster cable). It remains unclear if this TV Station still on air or not.


Channel originated from Villa Gonzalez town. Music Videos and Local Programming. It may or not be off the air since the year 2003. It remains unclear if this channel is on air or not. It was seen on cable under channel 28 (Aster Cable).

Lineup and/or channels may subject to change without advice.  Some of those channels are available by cable only.

Television Stations in Santiago Part 2

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